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NAMM 2016: Denon DJ Releases the VL12 Turntable with RGB LED Lighting

At this year's NAMM show, Denon has already introduced a number of competitive new products, so the fact that they've now also announced their very own turntable shouldn't come as too big a surprise. With the VL12, Denon DJ has developed their own unique model. Its most remarkable feature is a built-in LED ring around the platter that can easily be adjusted to suit your preferences.


The VL12 offers everything you could possible wish for. It features adjustable pitch (8, 16 or 50%), adjustable speed (33, 45 or 78 RPM) and sleek white lights, as well as the previously mentioned RGB LED ring around the platter, the colour and intensity of which can be adjusted to perfectly suit your mood.

A turntable like this is more than just a nice-looking decoration, which is why Denon DJ has equipped it with a rugged aluminium housing that won't easily get damaged. The S-shaped tonearm is reminiscent of the SL-models, while the turntable's powerful high-torque motor has been isolated to prevent unwanted vibrations, and is capable of both slow and super-fast start times. As such, the Denon VL12 is suitable for recreational use as well as intense scratching. The diagonal print on the start/stop button is a clear indication that this turntable can easily be rotated ninety degrees to battle mode. The VL12 comes with Denon DJ's very own cartridge, but if you like, you can replace that for any other cartridge of your choice.

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