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NAMM 2016: Denon DJ Unveils the MCX8000

Last week we posted a preview stating that Denon DJ would soon unveil their MCX8000, and now the official release is upon us. This 4-channel DJ mixer can be used as a standalone unit, but it's also great as a MIDI controller for Serato DJ and Denon's music management package Engine. As the MCX8000 can operate both, it allows for smooth transitions between two DJs.

Denon DJ MCX8000: a colourful character

One of the first things you'll notice when looking at this bulky controller/mixer, is that it has two colour displays and sixteen coloured performance pads. The displays show you all the information you need for making a great mix, including the waveform, BPM, cue points and more. Meanwhile, the pads allow you to trigger hot cues, fire off loop rolls, use the slicer function and trigger samples, for instance. When you've prepared your music using the Engine software, you can simply connect a USB stick or hard drive into the controller, and you'll be ready to go. That's right, you don't need a laptop. Furthermore, the MCX8000 allows you to hook up four external audio sources like media players or turntables. For the latter, there is a built-in preamp with an earthed socket on the back of the controller. In short, the new Denon DJ controller/mixer is a robust piece of equipment that you'll get plenty of use out of.

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