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NAMM 2016: Equator D5 2016 Coaxial Studio Monitor

Equator Audio took a good, long look at their D5 studio monitor and listened closely to their customers' feedback in order to develop this improved version, the D5 2016 coaxial studio monitor.


This monitor has undergone a number of small improvements, some which pertain to the appearance while others have an effect on the sound. The low frequencies in particular have been greatly improved, and are now reproduced with much less distortion and 'puffing'. All these small improvements combined add up to a better D5 studio monitor.


For those who aren't familiar with the term, a coaxial studio monitor is a speaker that has a woofer and a tweeter in the same place. The tweeter is placed in the middle of the woofer, which enables the monitor to produce a total sound from one central location. This also prevents phase problems that can occur in a regular speaker where the woofer and tweeter are separate components.

Suitable for small spaces

The D5 is just the thing for smaller studio spaces. Perhaps you work from an editing van and need to create good mixes on location, or maybe you simply prefer working on a smaller scale? Either way, the D5 can be set up against a wall and has a special switch on the rear to ensure an audio reproduction that is as authentic as possible.

In short, it was a speaker that was great to begin with, and now it's even better. Just in case you're wondering if the price tag has gone up as a result of all this fine-tuning, there's no need to be concerned - it's actually very affordable! Keep an eye on the product pages for information on pricing and delivery times. Oh, and here's another teaser: the Equator D8 is next in line for renovation!


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