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NAMM 2016: EVH Presents Colourful New Wolfgang Guitars

Of course Eddie van Halen's Wolfgang guitars had to make an appearance at NAMM 2016. That's why EVH presents the new Standard and Special models, with both fresh and classic finishes. And if that's not enough, then there's also an absolutely top-shelf American solid-body that might change your mind.


Many beginner guitarists who wanted to hit the ground running when it comes to lightning-quick licks and robust riffs had already found their way to the Standard series. With new finishes like Ferrari Red, Mystic Blue Metallic and Snow White, this series now has a few new eye-catching models. What's more, EVH also added the highly popular Silverburst finish to this affordable line of guitars. The Trans Purple Burst and Trans Blue Burst models, meanwhile, offer an even classier appeal with their transparent lacquer over a quilted maple veneer.

Everybody wants one

If you've progressed a bit further with you're playing, but you still like the Wolfgang's original design, you might want to consider the Special series. These famous EVH guitars are now available in three new luxury finishes. There are new matte rood and camo finishes, and you can even choose to go with a gold finish.

Not-so-little guitars!

Are you not content with anything less than what the legendary Van Halen guitarist himself plays? Then Bax-shop will also offer the new Wolfgang USA Ivory. The Wolfgang USA line uses high-quality wood types, hardware and pickups with excellent American craftsmanship. For instance, the famous D-Tuna system is a standard part of this top-range guitar. This allows you to play varied Van Halen tracks, such as 'Panama', 'Unchained' and 'Why Can't This Be Love', in rapid succession, without having to take the time to manually tune the E string to D and back.

Clearly, EVH is on fire, so keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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