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NAMM 2016: Fender Twin Reverb for George Benson

The two-channel Fender Twin Reverb, popular among guitarists who love that warm '60s sound, is now available in a special George Benson edition. The GB Twin Reverb is a perfect match for this jazz-legend's punchy yet mild and musical guitar sound. Of course, this combo made an appearance at NAMM 2016.

Fender GB Twin Reverb George Benson

Tubes, cabinet and speakers

Amplifiers play an important part in creating a guitarist's signature sound - and we're not talking about turning a few knobs and pressing a few buttons here. Fender made a few hardware adjustments to the original Twin Reverb to create a well-defined sound that will cut through the mix nicely with a bit of overdrive. They chose to install two 12" Jensen Tornado speakers, and to replace one of the preamp tubes with a 12AY7, resulting in a slightly cleaner sound with a rich dose of mids. Furthermore, its (solid) pine cabinet is relatively lightweight, and it features a grey vinyl finish and a George Benson badge on the front. What hasn't changed, is the 85 watts of headroom-rich tube power, supported by the 6L6 power tubes. Included with the amp, you'll find a foot switch for the reverb and vibrato, as well as a protective cover.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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