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NAMM 2016: From USB Practice Amp to Stage Beast - Ashdown's New Range of Bass Amps

In Anaheim, British amplifier manufacturer Ashdown will be presenting their new series of bass guitar amps for use at home and in the studio. You can choose between six new amps and three corresponding bass guitar cabinets.

For starters, there's the 30-watt Ashdown AAA30, a handy practice amp for use at home. It features a 1x 8-inch speaker and AppTek connection that can access all virtual sound banks like AmpKit and Ashdown via iOS, so the entire spectrum of Ashdown speakers is at your disposal.

This is also possible with the Ashdown AAA60 , a 60-watt amp with a 1x 10-inch speaker, but with a DI and a tube-emulated gain for warm, overdrive sounds. When plugged directly into the PA system, this Ashdown also makes a great stage monitor. Then we have the AAA120, which features a 15-inch speaker and delivers 120 watts. Next, with a 2x 10-inch, we have a powerful 300-watt stage beast, the AAA300.

Ashdown had already developed the RM500 bass guitar amp head, but now they've integrated it into a combo together with a 15-inch speaker, the Ashdown Rootmaster RM500C115, and a version of the 2-inch driver, called the Ashdown RM500C112.

Furthermore, the British amp manufacturers have added a series of cabinets to their Evolution line that are perfectly compatible with their separate amp heads, but also work great with amp heads by other brands. You can go for a 12-inch cabinet, a 15-inch version, or a bass cabinet with a 2x 10-inch speaker, all of which can easily handle 300 watts.

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