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NAMM 2016: Full VST Integration with M-Audio CTRL 49

As if a semi-weighted keyboard, 9 faders, 8 pads and whole host of controls weren't enough, the new CTRL 49 MIDI keyboard from M-Audio also has a razor sharp 4.3-inch colour display and extremely practical VIP software.

M-Audio CTRL 49 news

Independent MIDI keyboard

Until recently, most producers and keyboard players that used virtual instruments were forced to use a laptop extensively too for things like changing patches or selecting new plugins. This was not only time consuming and inconvenient but also increased the chance of human or technical errors. Thankfully, the introduction of the VIP (Virtual Instrument Player) has made such problems a thing of the past.

M-Audio CTRL 49

Virtual instrument integration

VIP offers users the chance to gather their entire virtual instruments collection in one big library. This is done on a Windows or Mac computer that is then seamlessly integrated with the CTRL 49 giving you direct access via the impressive colour screen and various parameter knobs. While there is still a link between the controller and the laptop, once you are connected you can focus your attention fully on the keyboard.

Multiple Layers

The fusion of VIP and CTRL 49 goes further than simply selecting a sound on the keyboard. The properties of the instruments can be changed easily and patches (even from various plugins) can be layered on top of one another up to 8 times effortlessly. For each patch in a multiple layer it's possible to set functions like volume, pan and transposition, as well as set up a split. For live applications, you also have a handy setlists feature.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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