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NAMM 2016: Gemini Presents SDJ-2000. Wait, SDJ-2000?

The SDJ-2000 took us a bit by surprise. Nobody expected Gemini to release a beast like this. It has plenty of options, features and even free Library Management software. This might just make some of the big fish in the DJ pond slightly nervous.


Well, we sure didn't see this coming. Who'd have known that Gemini was going to pull something like this out of its hat? The SDJ-2000 is a full-blown all-in-one media player with a built-in 7" display that tells you exactly which tracks are currently playing and what the status is on the waveforms. You'll also have four channels at your disposal, divided between the two decks. Is that not enough for you? Then you can easily expand your setup by adding two MDJ-1000 players, which you can simply integrate into the system by using simple UTP cables. That gives you a total of four decks and six channels.


With its clear layout and multitude of available options, the SDJ-2000 is sure to put a smile on many DJs' faces. Each channel has its own EQ, and the digital effects module has eight effects for you to unleash during your set. Furthermore, you can easily trigger cues, loops and other effects using the eight pads you have available per deck. Are you attached to a particular piece of DJ software? That's no problem, as the SDJ-2000 is fully MIDI compatible with virtually any DJ software package you can think of.


To organise all your tracks and neatly store them on a USB stick, Gemini also includes the free VCase Library Management software with the SDJ-2000. Although it's not particularly well-known, this software has plenty of potential thanks to its many available options and easy-to-use interface. You can organise songs in whichever way you prefer, whether that's by artist, title, BPM, etc. You'll be prepared for anything a gig can throw at you, and able to wow the crowd with the excellent Gemini SDJ-2000!

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