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Namm 2016: Gretsch Presents Their New Streamliner Models

Gretsch is pulling out all the stops for NAMM 2016. We're not just talking about new editions of existing guitars here, we're talking about a whole new series of guitars. The Streamliner series takes the flair and the sound of vintage Gretsch guitars, and combines them with modern-day playing comfort. Each model comes in a version with a Bigsby B60 tremolo and a version with a fixed bridge.

Hot hollow bodies

First in the series are the Gretsch G2420 and G2420T models. These are full hollow-body guitars with a top that is reinforced with parallel bracing. The G2420T is equipped with a licensed Bigsby B60 tremolo, and available in a subdued Gold Dust edition, or a beautiful Flagstaff Sunset finish. That means the G2420 in Brooklyn Burst does not have a Bigsby, but a Gretsch tailpiece instead.

Dreamy double cuts

The Gretsch G2622, G2622T and G2622LH double cut models are all quite large indeed. However, using what's called a centre block, Gretsch made sure the sizeable sound box doesn't cause any feedback. The G2622T is available in stylish Torino Green, as well as the fabulous Flagstaff Sunset finish. For the G2622 with a fixed bridge, Gretsch chose a Walnut Stain finish. They even catered to the lefties among us with the G2622-LH.

Junior Superior

If the G2622 models are a bit too bulky for your taste, then the G2655 Streamliners might be a little more your speed. They possess all the flair of their larger relatives, but are a bit more manageable in size. The G2655 is available with a Bigsby B60 in the shape of the G2655T Streamliner in Walnut Stain or Black, whereas the G2655 - which does not have a vibrato unit - is available in Flagstaff Sunset.

Comfortable neck and stable bridge

While all new Streamliners have their own personal charm, of course, there are still some overarching characteristics that bind them all together and help set them apart from the masses. For instance, they all feature a modern neck with a modern U profile, as well as a 12" fretboard radius. Instead of the more common thin frets, the Streamliner models feature 22 Medium Jumbo frets. Furthermore, where on older Gretsch models the bridge was only held in place by the pressure exerted on it by the strings, the Streamliner guitars have a fixed bridge. This improves intonation, and allows you to go all out with your Bigsby tremolo without a worry in the world.

Burly Broad'Buckers

Finally, there are the Broad'Tron humbuckers, which are the series' secret weapon. They offer high output, tight bass, growling mids and crystal-clear trebles. As a result, this series offers the timeless appeal of a classic Gretsch guitar, as well as modern playing comfort.



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