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NAMM 2016: Hartke Introduces the ACR5 Acoustic Guitar Amp

This week, at the NAMM 2016 show in Anaheim, California, renowned amp manufacturer Hartke officially presents their 50-watt amplifier designed especially for singer-songwriters.

The amp in question, the Hartke ACR5, boasts a number of clever features that acoustic guitarists and vocalists will certainly appreciate.

To start off with, the ACR5 has a variable Notch filter that eliminates those frequencies that cause feedback. Furthermore, the amplifier features a separate microphone/line-in channel, while a built-in DI ensures that a balanced signal is transmitted from the amp to your recording gear or PA mixer.

The Hartke ACR5 reproduces the sound of your acoustic guitar in a neutral way, although a 3-band equalizer allows you to make some adjustments. A contour switch provides the perfect mid-EQ shape for your acoustic guitar, and a 24-bit digital chorus effect adds some body to your sound.

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