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NAMM 2016: Hercules P32 DJ - Performance DJ Controller with 32 Pads

Hercules are well known for their compact, affordable DJ controllers that are excellent value for money. Normally, they follow the traditional setup of two decks with jog wheels, and a compact mixer section. With the Hercules P32 DJ, however, they break from tradition by offering a versatile DJ controller with two grids of 4x4 performance pads!

P32 DJ

The Hercules P32 DJ takes a little getting used to for most DJs. The jog wheels have been replaced by two grids of 4x4 performance pads, giving 32 in total. This makes the P32 DJ an interesting product for DJs who want to incorporate a little more than just seamless transitions in to their set. The performance of the P32 DJ is controlled by the included Djuced software. Simply connect a computer, add some music and you're good to go.


If you'd rather use other software, the P32 DJ can also be used as a MIDI device for Ableton, Bitwig, GarageBand, Virtual DJ and similar software that supports MIDI. The full functionality of the P32 DJ will be dependent on your choice of software, of course. Traktor users will be pleased to hear that Hercules already has mapping ready for them. In any case, the included Djuced software ensures that you can get the most out of your P32 DJ right out of the box. The performance pads can be used for different purposes. Easy-to-operate mode knobs mean that you can quickly switch between various work modes. Hot cues, loops, a slicer and samples can all be triggered easily.


There is also an extensive effects section per deck with up to 3 parameters, together with a loop size indicator and a filter knob. The centre section of the P32 follows the design of other Hercules DJ controllers with a traditional mixer layout and navigation for easy control of your music library. As such, you won't need to use a computer mouse or touchpad to search through your music library. The P32 DJ has a soundcard built-in that allows you to easily connect headphones and speakers quickly and easily.

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