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NAMM 2016: HK Lucas Nano 608i - an Unexpected Surprise

You may not be able to tell at first glance, but HK Audio's Lucas Nano 608i is the world's first compact PA system that boast full iPad integration. Its built-in mixer is fully iPad-controlled, which means you'll be able to operate all of its functions, including the DSP, using the free Lucas Nano Remote app.

Lucas Nano 608i

The NAMM show is always a time of bombshells and revelations. Still, HK Audio managed to caught us off guard with the Lucas Nano 608i. It's not every day you get to see a truly ground-breaking product, after all, and the introduction of this compact PA with its fully integrated, iPad-controlled mixer is a true world premiere. What's more, with a maximum SPL of no fewer than 130 dB, the Lucas Nano 608i produces a sound that'll blow your socks off.

This compact HK Audio PA system has such a multifunctional setup that you can use it for either a mono or a 2.1 configuration. Additionally, the Lucas Nano 608i features a Twin Stereo Mode that allows you to connect two units, resulting in a full-blown stereo setup that is fully controllable via the app.

New technology

Virtually all of the Nano 608i's featured technology was developed by HK Audio themselves. The subwoofer, for instance, uses the special Anti-Resonance Bracing, which keeps your sound in check at high volumes and guarantees tight bass tones. Furthermore, both the satellites and the subwoofer feature the patented Multicell Transformer technology, ensuring excellent clarity and a natural tone.

Of course, the main selling point of this speaker set is its iPad integration. An app gives you full control over the 608i's mixer, including the built-in multi-band EQs, effect modules and DSP. Not only does that mean you can make your initial settings while you're walking around the hall, you'll also be able to make quick adjustments during a show, making sure the sound stays perfect at all times. You can even store presets in the app, so once you've played a certain venue, it's easy to recall the proper settings when you return. There's no need to adjust the compressors, EQ or DSP again; simply load the right preset on your iPad, and you'll have time for some R&R before you're due on stage.

Speaker pole

A speaker pole may not seem like a particularly news-worthy release, but the S-connect LN isn't just any speaker pole. HK Audio has designed it specifically for the Lucas Nano 608i. A sleek and compact PA system like the Nano 608i deserves its own elegant accessories, so you won't have to deal with thick, unattractive speaker cables to connect the satellite speakers. Thanks to the S-connect LN speaker pole, you'll be able to enjoy a neat, tight-looking setup! Use it to mount the Nano 608i satellites on the subwoofer, and they'll be powered through the speaker pole, producing outstanding sound while leaving cables out of sight.

One thing's for certain. With the Lucas Nano 608i, HK Audio has once again established its position as a market leader in professional audio.

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