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NAMM 2016: Hotone Improves the Ravo

At NAMM 2016, Hotone unveiled the successor to their Ravo multi effects processor, the Hotone Ravo Plus. While this multi effects pedal for guitar and bass guitar is certainly based on the Ravo, it turned out to be something quite different. With it, Hotone decided to focus on professional users.

As such, the built-in drum machine had to go, to make room for a more elaborate looper which can record up to 40 seconds. Most importantly, according to Hotone, the 32-bit Tonebank generator has also been improved, meaning its many effects sound more professional than ever.

The Hotone Ravo Plus houses 100 effects, including wahs, gates, delays and reverbs, as well as a multitude of modulation effects that you can tweak via USB, and which can be saved to any one of the 100 user presets.

The effects are divided into four simultaneously accessible modules, which allow you to freely adjust the order of the effects. Furthermore, the clever switching mechanism ensures you won't have to tap dance your way through all the various presets.

But wait, there's more Hotone news from the NAMM convention: they've introduces a handy little graphical equalizer called the Hotone Skyline EQ Divided over five frequency ranges, it offers a boost/cut of 18 dB per frequency band. That can help you emphasise or de-emphasise certain frequencies. With the level dial, you can accurately manage the mix-dry balance. What's more, the pedal is complete True Bypass.

Finally, Hotone also added another member to their series of compact guitar effects pedals with the true bypass Hotone Golden Touch Overdrive pedal.

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