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NAMM 2016: Ibanez Presents 24 New Bass Guitars

As usual, Japanese manufacturer Ibanez has chosen the NAMM show in Anaheim, California to launch their new bass guitars. What better time to introduce 24 brand new models than the world's largest music gear convention, after all? Some of these new basses are based on existing models, but feature new finishes or modifications. Others are completely new, ground-breaking instruments.

Bass Workshop

One of the company's new models is the single-cutaway SRSC805 from the renowned Ibanez Bass Workshop. This five-string boutique bass guitar has a slightly slimmer body than the single-cutaways from the BRB series and is equipped with Bartolini MK1 pickups. Additionally, the instrument boasts a natural poplar burl top and a 5-piece neck with a hard fretboard made of tropical purpleheart.


The famous Soundgear line breathes new life into two series. First of all, there's the SR1300 series, which offers three attractive bass guitars with a natural ash/walnut top and Nordstrand pickups: the 4-string SR1300NTF, the 5-string SR1305NTF and the six-string SR1306NTF.

Then we have the SR800 series, which is based on the renowned SR500 series, but uses wood types with an more interesting look for the bass guitars' tops. The new SR800 models come with two different finishes: the SR800 Black Ice Flat and the SR800 Aged Whiskey Burst Flat. The latter is also available as a five-string bass, called the SR805.


While Ibanez's SR series has been developed with versatility in mind, the Ibanez ATK series consists of specialised models. ATK bass guitars combine the best features of the J-bass and the MM model, and have been around for years. The ATK 810, however, is a brand new addition with a natural finish, a maple neck and an ash body.


Artcore Vintage

Bass guitars with a weathered look have become quite popular, and Ibanez is happily going along with that trend. A bass guitar that has been used on the road for years has usually developed a great, lively sound - no wonder these instruments are often quite expensive. If you can't afford one of those, a new reliced instrument offers a great alternative. Take the Ibanez Artcore Vintage series, for instance, which boasts three fantastic, artificially aged hollow-body bass guitars with a very reasonable price tag. The relicing process includes both the hardware and the body, ensuring an attractive weathered look.

Of the three hollow-bodies, the AFBV200A has the most vintage characteristics, including a wooden bridge that isn't fixed to the arched top. The AGBV200A, on the other hand, has a beautifully reliced Gibraltar III bridge, and is also available as a five-string bass, the AGBV205A, which has a tailpiece that's located further down the body to allow for increased string tension. All three Artcore Vintage bass guitars have a gorgeous, matte Tobacco Burst finish.


For left-handed bass guitar players, Ibanez has developed the SR300EL and GSR200BL series, two lines of comfortable, budget-friendly basses with a great sound. Together, these two budget series offer eleven new models, starting with the SR370E-AWB, SR370E-SPB, SR300EB-CA, SR300EB-WK, SR300E-IPT and SR300E-PW. The SR375E-AWB, SR305EB-WK and SR305E-RBM are the SR series' five-string models.

In the GSR budget series, there are some new four-string basses: the GSRM20-BK in black and the GSRM20-TR in red.

Finally, there's also a Talman bass with an all-black design: the TMB30.


Ibanez has presented a few interesting additions to their existing series too, such as the GWB205, a reasonably priced five-string fretless Gary Willis model. It has the exact same hardware as Gary Willis's very own signature bass, but the body is made of slightly darker ash and has a natural finish.

For the six-string signature Adam Nitti bass, Ibanez has also chosen a more affordable wood type, but kept the exact same hardware and other specifications - and the result is equally stunning. The ANB306 is virtually indistinguishable from the bass that inspired it, but will save you thousands of pounds.

Last but not least, there's the 4-string MDB4 Mike D'Antonio (Killswitch Engage) signature bass with Seymour Duncan pickups and thick strings. This white bass guitar has a standard tuning (1F, 2C, 3G, 4C) and comes with a case that matches the shape of its Destroyer body.


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