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NAMM 2016: iLoud Monitors Raise the Bar for Reference Monitors

IK Multimedia once again steps into the spotlight with their new compact reference monitors. The iLoud Micro monitors are an impressive piece of technology. And the best thing is, they practically fit in the palm of your hand

iLoud Micro Monitor

What can you expect from monitors as small as these? The answer may surprise you, as they are fully functional, full-fledged reference monitors. They feature a highly linear design with a frequency range between a very low 45Hz and a respectable 20,000 Hz. That is especially impressive considering those frequencies are reproduced by a 0.75" tweeter and a 3" woofer in a completely linear fashion.

Furthermore, the special double bi-amped amplifier offers 50 watts of power, with a 70W peak. You'll find the amp incorporated into the left speaker, together with the various connectors, and you can connect it to the right speaker with the special included speaker cable. Logically, that means we're dealing with one active and one passive monitor.


IK Multimedia also added a very clever and unusual Bluetooth module to the iLoud monitors. Using this connection, you can wirelessly stream audio from your laptop, Macbook, tablet or smartphone, even though the latter might not be ideal for music production. This way, you'll have a great sound to help you finish your mix or production wherever you are, without the need for loads of cables, interfaces or other paraphernalia. With your laptop and the iLoud monitors in your backpack, you can get to work any time, anywhere!

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Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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