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NAMM 2016: Jackson Spoils Shredders and Metal Heads

During the NAMM show in Anaheim, California, it's not uncommon for guitar manufacturers to introduce new models and finishes. This year, Jackson has released an entire new series under the name Monarkh. The Monarkh guitars were inspired by the famous Les Paul, but offer true shredders and metal heads even more options. Tradition meets modern standards!

A royal series

Jackson's brand new series offers affordable JS models, slightly expensive X models, and a top-segment Pro Series line. All of the Monarkhs feature the Les Paul-inspired body and pointy headstock, as well as a compound-radius neck that is slightly rounder and slimmer around the first frets and flattens out as you move along the neck. Apart from the SCX7, all models have six strings, 22 frets and two humbuckers - active pickups in case of the Pros. This royal family of guitars has a little something for everyone.

Heavy signature artillery

Many of Jackson's affiliated artists have updated their signature models. Act Of Defiance's Chris Broderick, for instance, is issuing ten new Soloists: five six-string models and five seven-string models in Gloss Black, Trans Red, Trans Blue, Trans White and Trans Black. Gojira guitarist Christian Andreu and Periphery shredder Misha Mansoor are contributing to the fun with two Randy Rhoads models and a highly limited eight-string beast respectively. Even Megadeth bassist David Ellefson added four USA Signatures and four X Series bass guitars to his very own product range.

Cream of the crops

If you can't really afford one of Ellefson's signature basses, Jackson offers a more budget-friendly alternative with the CBX models. These Concert Basses from the X Series boast virtually the same shape and look as their Megadeth counterparts, but are much easier on your wallet. In total, there are six new models, three four-strings and three five-strings, all featuring a compound-radius neck, active pickups and a Hi-Mass Jackson bridge. Finally, Jackson's Pro, X and JS series boast a few new additions: the Kelly, Soloist and SLAT/SL3X models.

For more information about the latest Jackson guitars and basses, check out the product pages. For more news from Anaheim, California, keep an eye on our NAMM 2016 news feed.

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