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NAMM 2016: Korg Kronos-88 Platinum Music Workstation

The Korg Kronos-88 Platinum is a special, limited edition of Korg's comprehensive flagship music workstation. Now you can get the same outstanding level of quality, durability and creativity, all wrapped up in a stylish white housing!

A platinum powerhouse

What a joy it must be for a manufacturer to develop a product with a single goal in mind: to simply achieve the very best results possible. The Kronos-88 is a top-segment music workstation. Granted, it's not the most budget-friendly option, but you certainly get your money's worth in functions and features. Boasting an 88-key keyboard, a range of controls and a large colour display, it's like a dream come true for keyboard players. Whether you use it on stage or in the studio, the Kronos-88 is a real powerhouse.

The sound

As with all Korg products, the Kronos-88 Platinum's sound is the key to success. Not only do you get 21 GB worth of built-in sounds, there's also room for 62 GB of your own samples. The Kronos features nine remarkably specialised sound engines. Besides a generic PCM engine for the more general samples, it has special engines for pianos, organs and FM synthesis, for instance. Quite logical, if you think it through all of these sounds have their own distinct characteristics, after all.

Have you been saving up for that one special product to come along and catch your eye? Time to take the hammer to that piggy bank of yours! If you're an avid music producer or keyboard player, the Korg Kronos-88 Platinum music workstation is certainly worth the investment!


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