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NAMM 2016: Korg Minilogue Analogue Synthesizer

Another rumour is rapidly spreading throughout the synthesizer community! This time, the stories are about a new synth called the Korg Minilogue - a clever play on words, combining the terms 'mini' and 'analogue.' Both in looks and sound, this promises to be a great little synth!

Lots of controls

It seems to be a trend among synthesizer manufacturers: comprehensive synthesizers with mini keys. Take the Yamaha Reface and the Roland Boutique, for instance. The Korg Minilogue promises to be an interesting instrument for the same target audience. One of the first things to draw your eye is the synth's not-so-modest collection of controls, ensuring hands-on operation and quick results. The Minilogue offers a number of presets (100 factory and 100 user), so it's possible to change sounds in a jiffy. Of course, creating your own sounds is a big part of a synthesizer's appeal, but when you're performing on stage, quick access to your presets is definitely a benefit.


Korg's new Minilogue features two analogue oscillators (VCOs) and a noise oscillator. A special modulation section controls the interaction between the VCOs, allowing for the familiar sync and ring modulation effects. In other words, you have a wide selection of sounds to choose from, ranging from subtle to extreme. A nice filter, some envelopes and an LFO complete the picture. The Korg Minilogue has four voices, which means it probably won't be the only synthesizer you'll be using from now on, but it can still add considerable flavour to your setup. The delay option makes your sound more grand and powerful, as does the synth's unisono mode.

What you see is what you get

With the Minilogue, Korg is putting out a synthesizer that's remarkably easy to control. Instead of navigating through bothersome menus, you can simply use the available knobs and switches and create sounds by ear. To make life even easier, the waveform is visible on an attractive LED display. Not only will you hear the low-pass filter make your output more fluent, you can also see it happening on the display - a remarkably educational process for beginners! In fact, with its 37 mini keyboard keys, this new Korg synth seems to be a great starter instrument for new, young musicians.

This machine is likely to be available in February 2016, for a very reasonably price. We'd be surprised if the Minilogue doesn't turn out to be an instant hit! Its stylish wooden back is sure to make an impression, that's for sure.



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