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NAMM 2016: Laney's GHR Series: the Perfect Balance Between Red and Black

Laney's guitar and bass guitar amplifiers are known for their pure sound. By now, the British company has already issued a wide range of great products, but with the new GHR series - two tube heads, a tube combo and matching GS cabinets - they're certainly hitting a new high. The preamp and power amp are especially note-worthy.

The sweet spot

Laney amplifiers are always designed with great care, and the GHR series is no exception. Feedback from guitarists and other professionals has been taken into account, and the stylish red and black finish is a reference to the 'internal struggle' of the GH50R head, the GH100R head and the GH50R-212 combo. All three amps are equipped with two ECC83 tubes and two EL34 power tubes (four for the 100-watt model). Red refers to the ECC83s and their overdrive, while black alludes to the distortion of the power amp. It's up to you to find the perfect balance! Add the GS412VR or GS212VR speaker cabinet to your setup, and you're ready to make yourself heard.

The LX15 series

In addition to these wonderful tube amps, Laney has also issued a number of practical transistor amp combos. The LX15 series offers a number of 15-watt amplifiers with two 5" speakers, that are suitable for guitar players, bass players and acoustic guitarists. The LX15 is available in black, red and camo, as is the LX15B. The LA15C, on the other hand, has a chic brown finish and allows you to add a bit of chorus to your signal. All the LX15 combos have an aux input and a headphone output so you can quietly play along with your favourite songs. Pretty impressive for such a budget-friendly amp!

More information about these amplifiers can be found on the relevant product pages. For more news from Anaheim, California, check out the NAMM 2016 news feed.

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