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NAMM 2016: Let's go Crazy with American DJ's Crazy Pocket 8

The Crazy Pocket 8 is the improved version of the successful Crazy 8. American DJ has developed quite an oddity that could become quite successful.

Crazy Pocket 8

Okay, what's the best way to describe this fixture? Is it a moving head? Is it a light effect? Or is it a combination of the two? We're pretty sure it's the latter. Why? Inquiring minds have most likely already seen, the Crazy Pocket 8 seems to be a cross between the Crazy 8 and the On-X, both by American DJ. ADJ has clearly taken the best of these two fixtures and fused them together to make the Crazy Pocket 8. They also succeeded in making the unit as compact as possible in terms of weight and dimensions so you can transport several of them easily.


The strength of the Crazy Pocket 8 is its simplicity. Instead of four modules with multi-coloured LEDs, American DJ has made eight separate compartments, each of which containing one powerful LED light. This prevents any unwanted colour shadows and delivers a bright, clear light beam that will reach the furthest corner of your venue.


The same simplicity applies to the controls as well. The Crazy Pocket 8 operates as a stand-alone unit without the need for DMX. If you want more control, however, the UC IR remote or the Airstream IR app will allow you to operate the basic functions easily. Naturally ADJ has also included a DMX mode that consists of 21 channels so light jockeys have the freedom to unleash their creativity.

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