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NAMM 2016: Lewitt Presents the World Premiere of the LCT 640 TS!

This microphone may look like an ordinary Lewitt LCT 640, but there is simply no comparison. This dual-output large-diaphragm condenser mic allows you to completely adjust its characteristics after recording, a concept that will possibly change the world of post-production and recording as we know it.

LCT 640 TS

This microphone really is making its debut appearance. Lewitt has made the LCT 640 TS a dual-output microphone, which essentially means you can record audio coming in from the front as well as the back of this microphone on separate channels! Then, during the editing process in post-production, you can change the polar pattern and further adjust the characteristics of your recording by adding or removing the acoustics of the room, for example.

Stereo recording is a piece of cake with the LCT 640 TS. In the Mid Side mode, the diaphragms function as a right and a left side, so the microphone can be configured via a Mid channel in the DAW. Duets have also never been easier to record with the LCT 640 TS placed in between two vocalists.


The LCT 640 TS comes with a special DAW software plugin called the Polarizer, which enables you to utilise all the functions of this microphone with ease. With it, you can seamlessly change pickup pattern characteristics or make stereo recordings, for example. The plugin supports standard VST, AU and AAX and is compatible with both Mac and PC.

As you can see, practically anything is possible with Lewitt's LCT 640 TS. What are you waiting for? "Just do it with Lewitt!"

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Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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