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NAMM 2016: Make Your Own Party Inside or Outside with ION

No matter what you've got planned, ION has a creative solution for all your audio wishes. A wireless speaker with a cool light show? No problem! A waterproof speaker for your pool party? Done. A wireless speaker with solar panels for your back yard, disguised as a rock? Why not? Summer will be here before you know it.

Some brands just seem to solve problems before you even realise you had them. ION is one of those brands, and it can fill virtually any imaginable location - whether it's your bedroom, a camp site, a beach or a swimming pool - with spectacular light and sound. Once you get a glimpse of what ION has in store for you, your parties will never be the same again.


Party Rocker Max

Imagine: a wireless speaker that provides a fabulous light show and allows your guests to sing along - all you'll have to do is to provide food and drinks. And with a respectable 100 watts, the Party Rocker Max makes sure even the people in the back of the room can join in with the fun. Another handy features is that you can both stream music via Bluetooth and connect and 'old-fashioned' cd or MP3 player. Finally, with a light show with six colours and four projectable shapes, this speaker is sure to set the mood.

Block Rocker Splash

Brace yourselves, summer is coming (eventually). And when it does, there will also come a time for outdoor (pool) parties. However, there is a certain risk involved for your speakers, as rain showers can be unpredictable. Luckily, ION has thought of this too, and introduces the Block Rocker Splash, a waterproof version of the famous Block Rocker. It's rechargeable and wireless, and thanks to an extendable handle and a set of wheels, this speaker is ready to hit the road.

Solar Stone

If you really love the great outdoors, and wish to install a speaker in your back yard that won't interrupt the idyllic scenery, you should consider the Solar Stone. This wireless speaker can stream your playlist via Bluetooth, and it has an IPX4 rating, meaning it's splash proof. Thanks to the discreetly built-in solar cells, this incognito speaker charges its own batteries, but if that's not enough it also comes with a power supply to help.

With all these great products, it's sure to be a beautifully musical summer, so make sure you stock up in time! Keep and eye on the relevant product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.


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