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NAMM 2016: Marshall Presents Mini Jubilee Amplifiers!

A tribute to the famous amplifier heads of the Silver Jubilee series! That's the best way to describe the new Marshall 2525C Mini Jubilee combo amplifier and 2525H Mini Jubilee amp head. Both were presented today with great pride at the Marshall stand at NAMM Show in Anaheim, USA.


These compact amps will make any Marshall fan's heart skip a beat, because they were inspired by the renowned 2555 amp heads from the JCM 25/50 Silver Jubilee Series that was launched in 1987 to honour Jim Marshall's 50-year anniversary in the music industry. Those rockin' hard Limited Edition models were characterised not only by their chrome front panel and silver vinyl finish, but by the fact that their powerful amplification could be restrained, a method that would later be known as attenuation.

However, it wouldn't be fair to these Marshall Mini Jubilee amps to call them merely tributes. Thanks to the same wiring as the EL34s in the power amp, these Marshall 2525C and 2525H tube amps produce a sound that's familiar, yet completely unique. The EL34s completely come to life at just 20 watts, while turning the volume up all the way was definitely not recommended with the original 100-watt amps. That's what really makes these Marshall Mini Jubilees a great addition to the Marshall arsenal.


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