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NAMM 2016: Mini Blackstar FLY 3 in Patriotic Limited Edition

When it comes down to it, the British are very proud of their heritage, and clearly, so is amplifier-maker Blackstar, with the unveiling of their Limited Edition FLY 3. This mini guitar amp combo has a cream-coloured housing and the good ole Union Jack printed on the grille - you can't get much more patriotic than that! Of course, it also includes ISF and digital tape delay, making it just as good as any of Blackstar's other amplifiers.


God save the Queen

It may not win you a war, but this Blackstar amp in Limited Edition Union Flag Cream will definitely score you points during rehearsal! Its 3-inch speaker will blow you away, which means you can play with heart and soul as if you were on stage. At the end of the day, good preparation is the name of the game. Should you need a little more oomph, then you can connect the Blackstar Extension Cabinet using an RJ45 cable. You can also connect your MP3 player and headphones when you want to practise quietly and undisturbed. The headphone output doubles as an Emulated Output that you can use to hook up your computer.


Despite a capacity of only 3 watts, this little 2-channel amp sure can make a lot of noise. The gain knob functions with both clean and overdrive, which offers some pretty interesting sounds, while the Infinite Shape Feature button simulates a typically British as well as a typically American sound, and everything in between. Another great addition is the digital tape delay that gives your performance an extra dimension and totally disguises the fact that you're playing on a mini amp. Besides all that, it just looks fabulous.

For more information about this Limited Edition FLY 3, have a look at the product page. For more news, check out our NAMM 2016 news feed!

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