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NAMM 2016: Mix Effectively with Reloop Mixtour

If you're used to a traditional DJ controller with two decks, you may not be too impressed at first glance with the Mixtour that Reloop will be showcasing at the NAMM 2016 show. Upon further inspection, however, you'll soon see this compact, rugged little controller has an arsenal of possibilities to offer.


Reloop Mixtour

Using a tablet, laptop or smartphone

Back in the old days, DJs were limited by just a couple of turntables and a mixer. Not long after that, those turntables were replaced by CD players, then an all-in-one system, and finally a DJ controller that can be used in combination with a computer. Now, with the increasing number of touchscreen devices available to us, you can transfer even more functionality to your computer, tablet or smartphone. Because you can access the controls by touching the screen directly, a good mobile device can be considered an extension of a DJ controller. If there are certain controls that a DJ absolutely must feel with their own fingers, however, then the Mixtour is the solution.

Compact controller

The Mixtour is compatible with both iOS and Android as well as both Mac and Windows and, for all intents and purposes, is essentially the mixing part of a regular DJ controller. Still, it features much more than the standard channel faders, crossfader and 3-band equalizers. It has a set of practical buttons in between the EQ controls for quickly activating loop, sync, cue and play functions. As you can see below, there is a secondary function available per button which is accessible using the Shift button. Additionally, the buttons have two-toned lighting so you can immediately see which button function is activated at that moment. Another added bonus is that you can hook up a set of headphones or speakers directly, thanks to a built-in audio interface.

Reloop Mixtour controls

Trax-Encoder, filters and FX

One control you can't possibly miss is the Trax-Encoder, which is located smack-dab in the centre of the device. In combination with the Load buttons, it allows the DJs to navigate through their music library with the greatest of ease. Reloop also added a special Queue Playlist to keep track of your current mix -you can use it to preview the next track without having to load it into the deck. Let's not forget the Filter/FX functionality, which allows you to combine the effects and filters of your choice, which makes adding a delay with a high-pass to your mix as simple as turning a knob.

Reloop Mixtour front and back

DJ software

As the algorithm in its logo betrays, the Mixtour has laid down the groundwork to be fully functional with DJ software such as djay Pro for Mac, or djay 2 for Android or iOS. Those who work with Windows need to install the necessary ASIO drivers and choose another type of DJ software (mappings for Traktor and Virtual DJ are available). The Mixtour comes with a USB cable, USB-OTG cable (Android) and a Lightning cable. A power adapter is also included which will charge your iOS device as you use the controller.

Find more information on the Mixtour product page.

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