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NAMM 2016: Mode Machines Expands with New Stompbox Micro Series

The German brand Mode Machines is following the micro-pedal trend by introducing their MM-1 distortion, MM-2 overdrive, MM-3 fuzz, MM-4 chorus, MM-5 delay, MM-6 phaser, MM-7 compressor, MM-8 flanger and MM-9 power supply. What's so special about these pedals? You can connect them to your electric guitar, bass, or even synthesizer! They are also compact enough to leave some room on your pedal board.


Mode Machines: shredding in three variations (and colours)

The MM-1 distortion is a real wolf in sheep's clothing, or better yet, a lion. It may look sweet and innocent on the outside, but when you open up the gain, it can really roar. Shredders on guitar, bass and synth can go to town with this simple-to-use pedal. For those who like an extra crackle to their sound and like to take things a little slower, Mode Machines offers the MM-2 overdrive pedal, which is also easy to use and boasts a wide range of sounds. Fuzz-lovers will get all warm and fuzzy for the MM-3. This pedal offers you the choice between a bass and a middle fuzz channel, and allows you to create the kind of sound Jimi Hendrix was famous for, from fuzzy lows to high, gritty screams.

Modulate, repeat and sort

Eighties fanatics will go nuts over the MM-4 chorus, which produces the kind of effect reminiscent of 'A Forest' by the Cure. A delay like the MM-5 is also essential for any guitarist - The Edge (U2) and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) both used the effect regularly in their solos. The MM-6 produces another typically eighties effect: the phaser, which was a favourite of guitarist Eddy van Halen, for example, especially in the hit song 'Why Can't This Be Love'. Mode Machine's MM-7 compressor will give your guitar a nice, even sound, while their MM-8 flanger creates a rolling, wave-like effect similar to the guitar part in Nirvana's "Come as You Are". Finally, you can power the entire Micro Series collection with the MM-9 power supply, which can handle up to eight micro pedals.


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