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NAMM 2016: Mooer Introduces New Effects Pedals

The ambitious Mooer Audio is launching a whole new range of guitar effects pedals and foot switches at NAMM this year. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing the Mooergan, the Red Kid, the Freestep, a Reverie Chorus, the PE100 multi-effect processor, the Mini Drummer and the L6 Pedal Controller. You'll be able to go crazy with reverbs, modulation and delay effects with these compact micro-size pedals.


Mooer Audio: from organist to drummer

The Mooergan is a pedal that creates the rotary speaker sounds you may recognise from the renowned Leslie speakers. That means you can make your guitar sound like a Hammond organ! The Reverie Chorus pedal features five different chorus types with ten presets as well as a tap tempo function. This Mini Drummer pedal offers of a large selection of beats to choose from in different genres from pop to metal to latin.

Express Yourself

Mooer Audio is also launching two new expression pedals. The first, Red Kid, is an exclusive wah pedal that sounds like a human voice. You can only imagine how your audience will react to this effect! It's similar to a talkbox, but without the plastic tube in your mouth. Then, there's the Freestep, a compact wah pedal that becomes a volume controller with the push of a button. This way, you can combine two practical effects into one pedal, which will free up more room on your pedal board. Two for the price of one!

There's a compact solution for everything

The PE100 multi-effect processor is a very compact solution with touch-screen controls for guitarists that want to have their arsenal of effects with them at all times. It offers a choice of reverbs, delays, modulation, distortion and amp models. Its tap tempo function is also handy for syncing your effects with the drummer. Finally, if you're looking for a simple way to activate your chain of effects, then the L6 Pedal Controller is what you need. There is room for six effects loops and a tuner, and it's particularly appealing to guitarists who don't want to tap dance all over their pedal board during a live performance.

Mooer Audio's effects pedals are all powered by means of a 9-volt battery or adapter.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.
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