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NAMM 2016: New M-Audio Battery-Powered Speaker with Power Outputs

M-Audio has hit a hole in one with the Power Station. This is a battery-powered speaker that can make itself wireless as well as other devices with its internal battery.


M-Audio Power Station

Power for external devices

The idea of the Power Station is simple but effective. Besides the necessary inputs and Bluetooth functionality, it has two integrated power sockets and two USB power outputs. At the end of the day, a wireless speaker is great, but it's no use when the devices you want to use with it do need a power supply. You can connect a laptop, a wireless mic receiver or a smartphone to the Power Station by simply plugging it in.

M-Audio Power Station details

Speaker connections

Playing music on the Power Station (50 watts, 8" woofer) is easy using Bluetooth or via one of the two stereo inputs. It also features a double jack input as well as a mini jack aux input. Each of these inputs, as well as this active speakers other two inputs, an XLR/jack combo and a jack mic/line input, has its own volume control. To top it all off, this speaker is easy to transport and move around as it's equipped with castors and an extendible handle.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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