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NAMM 2016: New Waldorf Eurorack Gear

The Eurorack format is on the rise, becoming increasingly popular. Have you started building your own modular synthesizer yet? If so, Waldorf may have a few new goodies for you: the DVCA1, the CMP1, the MOD1 and the KB37.

A growing target audience

Eurorack modules are entering the mainstream. With companies like Roland, Moog and Dave Smith all issuing their own models, more and more people are discovering the joys of a modular setup. Fortunately, Waldorf's three new modules are perfectly compatible with these brands.

The modules

The Waldorf MOD1 offers three modulation sources in a single module: a symmetry generator (similar to an LFO), an AD3SR (an ADSR envelope with up to three decay stages) and a Rise/Fall module. From smooth curves to sharp edges, this modulator module always ensures a musical sound. The CMP1 is a compressor module that supports side-chaining. It can do both subtle and extreme, making it perfect for instruments as well as the familiar EDM pounding effect. The DVCA1, finally, is an analogue amplifier. In fact, it comprises two VCAs that are able to perform autonomously, but can also work together to achieve panning effects. This dual VCA module's Colour dials steel the show, however, enabling you to add analogue warmth and colour to your output.

The KB37

Of course, these outstanding new synth modules deserve a housing that allows them to perform at full force. Just like conventional 19" modules, Eurorack modules have their own racking system. Waldorf decided to shake things up a bit, however, and created the KB37: an elegant controller keyboard designed to house Eurorack modules. Fill it up with the modules you want, and you can build a truly unique modular synthesizer that is completely to your liking. When you're performing on stage, gear freaks will be dying to find out how exactly you managed to come up with that distinctive sound!

These new Waldorf releases may be niche products, but if you own a modular Eurorack synthesizer, they're definitely worth checking out. As always, the German synth company delivers the quality you've come to expect.

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