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NAMM 2016: Nino Percussion instruments for young aspiring musicians

The sooner you start, the better! Introduce your kids to rhythm and melody in a fun and accessible way, and lay the foundation for the rest of their musical lives! Instruments by Nino Percussion, like their sand blocks, kalimbas en wah-wah tubes are made especially for small children. While they're child-proof, they're much more than simple toys!

Colourful and inviting

Nino Percussion offers a wide range of music instruments specially designed and manufactured for children. Not only are they durable and safe, they're also playful, colourful and inviting. They're intended to encourage experimentation and to help children discover how sound is created and how rhythm works, to help improve coordination and to show them how much fun making music can be. As such, Nino instruments are a great addition to any classroom or music school, as there's always something to pique a child's musical curiosity.


The Nino Percussion kalimba, a thumb piano with a compact wooden sound box, is made especially for tiny, curious hands. Five or seven chrome-plated steel tines of varying lengths each produce a different tone. All in all, it's a cheerful, great-sounding instrument for aspiring musicians aged 5 and up.

Sand Blocks

Loud, soft, quick, slow - let your child create their own sound with the Nino Percussion NINO940B Sand Blocks (also available in red and green). These sand blocks are plenty durable, so your children can just play and go nuts, without fear of breaking them.

Wah-wah Tube

Children can use this tubular instrument to create their own rhythms by striking it with the included rubber beater. But wait, what happens when you cover the hole in the tube, and subsequently release it? The NINO602R Wah-wah tube invites children to explore their options and offers them an easy way to create various different sounds.

Playing, making music and learning something while they're at it - the instruments by Nino Percussion are a colourful and inviting introduction to music for children! Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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