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NAMM 2016: Numark Mixdeck Express Returns With Dashboard!

The Numark Mixdeck Express is back! And now, it's compatible with Numark's new Dashboard display interface and Serato DJ. As such, it's sure to be a powerful weapon in any DJ booth, and this year we'll get to see what it has in store for us. The Mixdeck Express is a true multimedia DJ console, and besides controller functionality it also has CD drives and built-in USB players, making it a highly versatile piece of DJ kit.

Mixdeck Express 2.0

When digital DJing first started, and people still liked to fall back to the good-old CDs and USB sticks, the Mixdeck Express was a popular model. However, the rise of affordable entry-level DJ controllers meant it got nudged into the shadows, and slowly disappeared from store shelves. But in releasing the Numark Dashboard, Numark found a good reason to bring the Mixdeck Expess back. The Dashboard turns any Serato DJ setup into a modern station with clear and informative displays in no time at all. That means the Mixdeck Express is more useful than ever in a digital DJ setup. This was tricky before, as the displays could not show you track-info from your laptop or computer, but now you can use the Dashboard's external displays, allowing you to close the laptop and put it away, while still keeping it running. The displays will then show you the relevant tracks' waveforms for easier mixing.


As we mentioned before, theMixdeck Express V2 is a real Jack of all trades. Its standard layout reminds us of media players like the NDX 500 and offers a clear and basic overview. Its CD and USB drives mean it's well-prepared to handle virtually any file type, but if those are still not enough, you can always play back files through your laptop and the Serato DJ software. The Mixdeck Express is a device that is without frills, meaning it's best suited for DJs who don't tend to use many hotcues and samples. Of course, it does have a looper, and the tone control on the mixers allows you to smoothly transition between tracks, regardless of which audio source they're coming from.

What's more, the Mixdeck Express has a built-in third channel that can be used for devices such as smartphones, or even an FM radio or Playstation. Finally, included with this product is the Serato DJ Intro software package.

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Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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