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NAMM 2016: Numark Presents the CD MIX USB and the WS-100

Of course, Numark too is making a few announcements at NAMM 2016. Not only have they released a number of high-end products, beginner DJs and performers are also being catered to with the innovative CD MIX USB all-in-one DJ system and the WS-100 digital wireless system.


If you've already checked out the included image, you may have noticed that the CD MIX USB is a new incarnation of the popular Numark CD MIX, which was introduced a while back. For their new all-in-one DJ system, Numark has taken the best features of the original CD MIX, updated them and added a few new ones. As they wanted to create a compact system that suits modern DJs - beginners and more advanced ones alike - they took their time to make sure everything was just right. The quality of the components, for instance, is outstanding, and the device features Loop, Cue and effect functions. A full-blown USB media player, however, is the most important new addition. Besides your CDs, you can now also use your digital music collection for your DJ sets, using a simple USB stick. In short, the Numark CD MIX USB has become a genuine all-in-one player that DJs will love to work with.


At first glance, the WS-100 looks like your average, run-of-the-mill wireless handheld system. Closer inspection, however, reveals that it's actually a technological gem. For a full-fledged digital system in this price range, the WS-100 boasts a number of exceptional qualities. Its main attractions are a 24-bit system and a set of antennas, ensuring quick, optimal signal transmission via two separate channels. If one of the channels should suffer from interference, the WS-100 automatically switches to the other, guaranteeing your performance won't suffer in the least - a tremendous reassurance for vocalists, MCs and DJs alike. This Numark digital handheld system is one you can rely on!

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