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NAMM 2016: Orange Celebrates with Anniversary Amps!

Okay, okay, it's not exactly Orange's anniversary. It's actually the ten-year anniversary of one of their products, the Tiny Terror. Just for the occasion, they've developed a very special Limited Edition Half Stack, consisting of a manually-wired chrome 15-watt Shiny Terror tube head and a 2x 10" cabinet with an open fretwork back in Racing Green. Time to celebrate!


The primal lunchbox

What was once invented as a compact unit which could expel a ton of noise, the Tiny Terror has grown into a true icon. This Limited Edition is equipped with two ECC83 preamp tubes and two EL84s in de power amp, which are what give this amp its typical Orange sound. At full capacity, it delivers 15 watts of power that can drive the tubes deliciously over the edge. Should you want something appropriate for a smaller venue, however, you can set it to 7 watts. A tasteful Racing Green cabinet is the icing on the birthday cake, and in combination with its two 10-inch Celestion Alnico Gold speakers, this limited edition half stack is unbeatable!

Powerful addition

Expanding on an existing series like Orange has done is always a good idea. As a special treat to bassists around the world, the British brand has released two new heads and combos, which are available in two power classes: the 4 Stroke 300 and the 4 Stroke 500. The numbers represent their individual wattage. These completely analogue bass heads may look simple, but possess an ingenious 4-band EQ. The OB1-300 combo amps come in orange and black. With a 15-inch Eminence speaker and an active EQ, the OB1-300 bass combo gives you all the freedom to express yourself. The signal is also split, which gives you the choice of a clean sound as well as a high-gain dirty one.

Check out the product pages for more information. For more NAMM news, check out our NAMM 2016 news feed!

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