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NAMM 2016: Paiste Introduces New Signature Ride Cymbal!

Paiste introduces the latest addition to their collection of signature cymbals: the Paiste Vir2oisty Signature Duo Ride. It's a 20" ride cymbal with a unique look that combines a raw, dry stick sound in the unlathed centre, with a rich, bright-sounding lathed outer rim. If you're a drummer that likes a focused and complex sound, be sure to check out this ride.

Carl Palmer's "Vir2osity"

Paiste developed this unique Signature ride cymbal together with drumming legend Carl Palmer, drummer for Emerson, Lake & Palmer. The Paiste Vir2osity Signature Duo Ride is a 20" cymbal that is loosely based on the Signature Dry Dark Ride and the Signature Precision cymbals. In fact, the Vir2osity combines these two cymbals into one, by incorporating two different playing surfaces. Like every Paiste Signature cymbal, the Vir2osity was developed in Switserland using traditional methods, as you can clearly see by the visible hammer marks in its surface. The Paiste Vir2osity Signature Ride offers a focused, controlled sound that combines a raw, dry sound with a rich, bright ping, thanks to its extra large bell.


Have we piqued your interest? Be sure to keep an eye on the product page below for more information!

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