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NAMM 2016: Pioneer Pro Audio Proudly Presents the XPRS Series

Pioneer is certainly spoiling us. First the company's DJ branch releases the new CDJ-2000NXS2 and DJM-900NXS2, and now the Pro Audio branch surprises us with their XPRS series. This new line of powerful, multifunctional active speakers offers some great all-round material. From DJ monitors to PA systems for large events, this series has it all.

XPRS 12 & 15

To start off with, the Pioneer Pro Audio XPRS series offers the XPRS 12 and the XPRS 15, two full-range speakers that are equipped with a 12" and a 15" woofer respectively.

Apart from the difference in woofer size, these two speakers basically boast the same features. Both the XPRS 12 and the XPRS 15 are equipped with top-quality components, such as a 1.75" titanium diaphragm with a neodymium compression driver that produces delightfully clear and sparkling trebles. A ferrite woofer, meanwhile, guarantees bass tones that are powerful without drowning out everything else. Naturally, the XPRS 15 with its 15" woofer slightly outdoes its smaller XPRS 12 counterpart, as it offers a moderately more expansive low end without an additional subwoofer.

The functionality of these two new Pioneer Pro Audio speakers is beyond reproach. On the back of the speakers you'll find a knob that allows you to select one of several preprogrammed EQ modes (Flat, Bass+, Speech and Wedge), making it easy to adjust the internal DSP for a specific location or application. The Wedge mode is great if you're using the XPRS 12 or 15 as a monitor. Rotating the horn ninety degrees is fairly easy, which means you'll be able to enjoy a much better dispersion of your monitor sound.

Both the Pioneer XPRS 12 and the Pioneer XPRS 15 have a multi-stand flange, which is a great companion for the speakers' Speech mode. It enables you to place the speaker at a 7-degree tilt to aim the sound in the right direction - quite handy, especially if you're performing on a relatively high stage. To prevent standing waves, Pioneer developed their patented AFAST technology, which basically uses an acoustic tube in the speaker's housing to cancel out the dampening effect of standing waves on your trebles and mids, ensuring a clear sound.



Now, let's take a closer look at the XRPS series' real powerhouse. The XPRS 215S is an active subwoofer with a double 15" woofer that is able to produce an astonishing 135 decibels of sound. Better be careful not to stand too close!

Thanks to its special design, the XPRS 215S optimally disperses sound, which means the total output of your PA system will sound perfectly balanced. Like the XPRS 12 and the XPRS 15, this subwoofer features a number of built-in protective measures, such as peak and thermal protection and input and output voltage limiters. You can rest easy that your installation won't get damaged. The XPRS 215S is equipped with a special bi-amped amplifier that delivers a staggering 1,200 watts of power and is capable of 2,400-watt peaks. The best thing about this Pioneer Pro Audio subwoofer, however, is that you can safely plug it in all over the world. That's because all of the models from the XPRS series feature PFC (Power Factor Correction), an automatically switching power supply that makes sure the speakers perform optimally at all times, whether at 100 or 240 volts, 50 or 60 hertz.

The XPRS 215S can be set to various crossover frequencies, so it always matches the speaker it's connected to. Mounting the XPRS 12 or 15 on top of the subwoofer is easy thanks to an M20 thread in the top of the housing. Rest assured that your speaker pole will be securely fastened!


The XPRS series definitely has the potential to become the new standard in the entertainment industry. As always, Pioneer's expertise shines through. We expected nothing less.

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