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NAMM 2016: Play Your Reface Synth Like a Keytar!

What's this? A new Reface synthesizer? Not quite, but this new gadget does open up new possibilities for the existing Reface synths. Yamaha's mini synthesizers simply beg to be carried around your neck for a keytar-style jam session, and with this new set of strap attachments - the Yamaha KT-reface - you can!

Yamaha KT-reface

Synthesizer solos

As all four Reface models can be powered by batteries, there's no reason not to pick them up and carry them around the stage. You do need a signal cable, of course, but guitarists face the same problem, and there are plenty of solutions for that. By introducing the KT-reface strap attachment kit at NAMM 2016, Yamaha has made it possible for keyboard players to truly take their place in the spotlight. Simply mount one of the attachments on each side of your Reface synth, connect a regular guitar strap to the strap buttons, and you'll be able to play astonishing two-handed synthesizer solos while you're strutting your stuff on stage.

Keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on availability and pricing.

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