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NAMM 2016: Pocket-Size Digital Mixing with Mackie

Mackie has a lot of fun stuff to show off at the NAMM show this year. Besides the SRM1550 active subwoofer, a great addition to the popular SRM series, they have also developed the ProDX series of digital pocket-size mixers.


ProDX4 and ProDX8

Often times, digital mixers sound expensive and inaccessible. Nothing is further from the truth with the ProDX4 and ProDX8 by Mackie. You can even operate both of these mixers with your iOS or Android smartphone, using the MixerConnect app and a wireless Bluetooth connection. This app allows you complete access to everything these mixers have to offer. It allows you to adjust the EQ per channel and gives you a choice of 16 digital effects. An internal processor ensures all of this can be processed with virtually no latency. While it's possible to operate the basic functions on the mixer itself, you can even use your smartphone to stream music via a Bluetooth connection.

The difference between the two mixers is instantly noticeable: the ProDX4 features two Mic/Line inputs while the ProDX8 has six. At the same time, both are equipped with a single stereo input and two balanced Master outputs.


At first glance, the SRM1550 looks like any other subwoofer, but it's hiding a few ingenious technical tidbits under the bonnet. The most important reason for this was to ensure that it would function perfectly with Mackie's SRM 250 and SRM 450 full-range speakers, which is does! The SRM1550 even has pre-programmed crossover presets for both speakers. Naturally, you can use his subwoofer in other applications as well by means of the manual controls on the rear.

This powerful amplifier delivers 1200 watts of raw energy for a 15-inch woofer. Together with a poplar cabinet, that adds up to about 30 kilos of brute force.

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