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NAMM 2016: Presonus Presents the Completely New ULT Series

Once again, Presonus has come up with an astonishingly good batch of new products. The ULT series, presented at NAMM 2016, really embodies the company's philosophy. These speakers are powerful, innovative, and something entirely different.

ULT12 and ULT15

The two active full-range speakers from the ULT series are equipped with a 12" and a 15" woofer respectively, and boast a number of impressive features. A DSP with preprogrammed presets, for instance, allows you to use them for any kind of application: Front of House, Monitor, etc. Thanks to their specially designed housing, made of top-class birch, the ULT12 and the ULT15 produce a sound that's both natural and delightfully warm.

The letters ULT in the series's name stand for Ultra Long Throw, which means these speakers were developed to get their sound across long distances in excellent quality and clarity. At the same time, however, they're capable of equally dispersing sound across the entire width of a hall, thanks to Presonus's specially designed Pivot X110 horn, which disperses sound 110 degrees horizontally, but only 50 degrees vertically. The horn can easily be rotated ninety degrees, so if you set up the speaker horizontally, you'll still be able to enjoy the same dispersion characteristics.


The supporting powerhouse of the Presonus ULT series is the ULT18, an 18" subwoofer that fills out the frequency spectrum by adding full, warm bass to your setup. Like the ULT12 and the ULT15, it features various DSP presets, as well as a phase invert option that enables you to match your sound to any venue.

Naturally, the ULT18 was optimised to accompany the two full-range speakers from the ULT series, but it's really a great addition to any setup. You can set the crossover frequency yourself and it's possible to switch between stereo and mono mode. The ULT18's woofer is made of Kevlar - the same material that's used for bulletproof vests - ensuring a top performance even at full power. For a subwoofer that boasts a 2000-watt peak, that's certainly no unnecessary luxury!

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