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NAMM 2016: Presonus Studio 192 Mobile Version

The Studio 192 is an impressively elaborate audio interface, but it's a bit too big for most mobile applications. That's why, at NAMM 2016, Presonus is introducing the Studio 192 Mobile. Its rack-size was forgone in favour of more desktop friendly dimensions, but its main characteristics are still there.

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Presonus Studio 192 Mobile

Connections and preamps

Now the Studio 192 is getting a smaller (and more affordable) Mobile version, it's more appealing than ever for home producers/musicians to dive into the endless possibilities this type of external interface has to offer. Besides the usual microphone, instrument and line inputs (four in total), you'll have 6 line outputs at your disposal as well. Furthermore, there are 16 ADATG in and outputs at 49 kHz, as well as 8 at 96 kHz, allowing you to expand your setup with the Presonus Digimax DP88 for instance. The latter features preamps that are remotely adjustable, just like the XMAX preamps in the Studio 192 Mobile!

Presonus Studio 192 Mobile rear

Powerful software

An important feature of the Studio 192 sound cards is the ability to easily add an external mix window, without having to buy an additional monitor. All you have to do is install the UC Surface on a windows touchscreen computer or an iPad, for instance. You can also count on excellent integration with the included Studio One Artist software, combined with the Fat Channel plugin. These work together perfectly with the Studio 192 Mobile's DPS, offering a powerful low-latency (2ms) channel strip with compression and EQ). Another handy feature is the Studio One Remote iPad app.

At 48 kHz, the over 20 in and outputs work effortlessly via the USB 3.0 connection, while 192 kHz still allows for a respectable 8 x 14 channel communication.

Be sure to keep an eye on the product page for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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