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NAMM 2016: Problem-solver Radial Brings Specific Solutions!

Radial is known for releasing rather specific solutions for live performance and recording related issues. At NAMM 2016, Radial announced a whole catalogue of new products. In this news item, we'll highlight a few of them for you.

Radial to the rescue!

Difficult as it is to pick the best from an impressive list of 21 new, varied products, we've managed to narrow it down for you. Take for instance, the Radial BT-Pro DI Box, which is a DI box that can transform a wireless digital signal into a balanced analogue one. The mPress, meanwhile, is a signal distributor that - when you take the various expansions into account - can handle up to 500 feeds, and is specifically designed for press conferences and similar large-scale events.

Furthermore, Radial also announced a few solutions for more common 'problems'. There's the Shogun signal splitter that allows you to split your guitar signal and send it to up to four amps at once. Or do it just the other way around with the Bumper, which allows you to switch between four connected guitars with the press of a button.


Are you curious about what other solutions Radial has to offer? Then be sure to check out the product pages below. Are you looking for more NAMM new? Here's our NAMM 2016 news overview.


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