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NAMM 2016: QSC E Series

NAMM 2016 has already introduced us to a number of fantastic new products and now we have some more to tell you about. The E series from QSC. The E series is based on QSC's widely renowned K series, but the E series is completely passive.

The E series

As you can see, this series consists of three full-range, 2-way speakers, the E10, the E12, and the E15. They have a 10-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch woofer respectively. The E series also features the ground-shaking 18-inch subwoofer, the E18SW.

The entire series has been designed for the entertainment industry. The speakers are fully passive which means that it's easy to incorporate them in to any existing setup. Rental companies in particular will find this very handy. With an RMS power output of between 300 and 800 watts, the entire E series is a perfect match for QSC's GXD and PLD amplifier series. To get the absolute most out of all the E series speakers have to offer, you need the powerful DSP amplifiers. QSC has developed specially programmed presets so that you can easily make optimal use of the E series. This allows you to experience the full potential of these speakers that are likely to gain the same acclaim within the professional sound industry as the aforementioned K series.


All of the speakers have been designed and built according to QSC's exacting standards. The speaker cabinets are made of solid birch which also gives them excellent sound characteristics. The internal components are protected by heavy duty grilles with foam underneath that also add to the professional appearance of the speakers. A double 35mm pole mount adapter is fitted so that the speakers can be easily mounted on a tripod standing up or at an angle. This ensures that you can always direct the sound just where you want it.

Although, we were expecting some news from QSC, we're still a little suprised (pleasantly!) that it's a completely new series they've given us. We're not sure anyone saw the E series coming but we're glad it's here.

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