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NAMM 2016: RCF and dB Technologies Present Spin-Off Mixars

The last couple weeks, we've only seen online teasers of the new brand, Mixars. Apparently, the brain behind this company is in Italy at dB Technologies! Yes, that's right. dB Technologies is known for a countless number of smooth-sounding active loud speakers. It's therefore pretty remarkable that this brand is announcing their debut in a time where the DJ market seems pretty over-saturated as it is. It's been years since a serious DJ brand appeared out of nowhere, and the Italians sure seems determined to succeed with their entry-level product range and is ready to take on some heavy competition.



Mixars is starting out with a modest assortment, but judging by the information on their website, we can expect a lot more from them. They're offering a series of three mixers, a direct drive turntable, a set of headphones, a monitor set and even timecode vinyl. Mixars lifts a tip of the veil on their website by placing a hopeful "coming soon" button on the "MXC" controller page, implying these products will be worth the wait. Hopefully, we'll find out more about this new brand in Frankfurt! The Mixars line-up:

Mixer for Serato DJ

The Mixars Duo mixer for Serato DJ is a complete two-channel DJ mixer with built-in MIDI functionality. This allows you to easily browse through your music libraries and trigger hot cues, samples and loops using illuminating buttons. Furthermore, this mixer is Serato DJ-ready and is compatible with the turntable in Mixars' own range.

The DUO has an integrated USB hub for external devices, which may imply something about future products Mixar has to offer, such as the aforementioned MCX controller. The crossfader is equipped with a mini Innofader that guarantees smooth transitions and a long lifespan. The mixer's battle-style layout ensures simple scratching without touching the nearby potentiometers.

Scratch mixer

The idea of the Mixars Cut is pure simplicity, which is also where its strength lies. Functions you wouldn't use anyway are left out completely. Since it's about pure scratching, you won't want superfluous buttons, knobs and constantly-moving faders getting in the way. The Cut is the perfect partner for scratch work and also has a built-in mini Innofader, just like the DUO. Its basic functions include a two-channel setup with microphone connector and previewing capability, as well as LED VU meters per channel and a master.

Two-channel mixer with effects module

The Mixars MXR-2 is the ultimate example of a compact mixer that's equipped with enough functions for some very creative mixing. The built-in DSP effects module makes every transition from track to track unique. It also is equipped with a 4x4 digital sound card so you can connect your digital hardware as easily as your analogue gear.

The Mixars MXR-2 has 45mm channel faders and a standard crossfader that you can replace with an Innofader if you should decide to use this mixer for heavier scratching sessions. The sleek layout offers a clear overview as well as VU meters per channel, a master, a microphone input and previewing capability.

Four channels

It's pretty easy to tell that Mixars MXR-4 is the pick of the crop. Luxurious 60mm faders guarantee ultra-smooth transitioning and there is plenty of space to implement all kinds of functions. Still, it's only 12 inches wide and shallow enough to fit in just about any case. The MXR-4 is considered an industry-sized mixer, which makes us pretty sure it's comparable to most DJM-style mixers when it comes to dimensions.

The DSP effects module is the same as the MXR-2, making the MXR-4 just as powerful. Furthermore, you can expect a standard four-channel mixer layout with microphone controls to the left, faders in the middle and the effects and master control on the right.

The MXR-4 offers VU meters per channel and even has two built-in talkover functions for the mic inputs! Its face plate in brushed black aluminium is elegant and exudes sturdiness.

LTA turntable

The Mixars LTA is a direct drive turntable with enormous power that spins records smoothly and always at the right speed. As the demand for turntables is on the rise, specifically for the SL-1200, we're guessing you don't want to spend thousands of pounds to spin records, so the LTA could prove to be a great alternative. It runs at 33/45/78 BPM, the pitch is adjustable between 8, 16 and 50%, and the lights are stylish blue with sleek silver details around the platter and the puck.

Mixars has also released timecode vinyl in a limited edition of 500 pieces per colour, available in Blue, Purple and Pink.

Sleek studio montoirs

This set of two Mixars MXM-5 monitors have 5-inch woofers and a soft dome tweeter for razor-sharp audio reproduction for use professionally as well as at home. The black housing, grey cones and blue accents match perfectly with the Mixar setup. A front-firing bass reflex port ensures an extra boost in the low and an integrated stand-by function automatically switch the speakers off when not in use. A variety of inputs are present to facilitate just about any audio source, from CD player to DJ mixer.

Thoroughbred DJ headphones

If you want the complete Mixar experience with a good set of headphones as well, you're in luck! Mixars also offers the MXH-22 headphones. This is a lightweight set with 40mm drivers that reproduce the lowest bass tones effortlessly so you can match your beats even better. With a maximum power capacity of 1000 mW, you can rely on these headphones to handle just about anything. A closed construction guarantees optimal isolation and rotatable earpieces allow for ultimate user ease and comfort, making these headphones able to withstand intensive use.

The Mixars products are so new, prices and delivery times are not yet known. We'll keep you posted as soon as we find out more, and be sure to keep an eye on the product pages for the very latest up-to-date information!

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