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NAMM 2016: Remarkable New Series by VOX

The British amp-builder VOX is releasing a very special series of amplifiers especially for NAMM. We're talking about the Analog Valves, which come in three sizes and are best described as a modelling tube amp combos. What's more, VOX has given three classics a new Tan Bronco Tolex finish, and is now offering the legendary AC15 and AC30 as heads, including a 2x 12-inch speaker cabinet.

Clever circuitry

The first thing we notice about the three Analog Valve combos is their retro design. It's not just a pretty face though! Inside, there is a great preamp circuit. VOX has made it possible to connect the 12AX7 tube from the AV15 and the pair from the AV30 and AV60 in different ways, allowing you eight different well-known analogue amp sounds to choose from. Although the smallest model has a single channel, it's capable of transferring three independently-operated effects (chorus, delay, and reverb) onto one signal. Check out the video below for a short overview of everything these amps can do.

Reliving the past

One of VOX's first models, the AC30, has been a hit ever since its début in the sixties shortly after the release of the less powerful AC15. Now, more than fifty years later, these ultimate classic amps are being released as heads: the AC15 Custom Head and the AC30 Custom Head. Besides their authentic sound and characteristic appearance, both feature the awesome new function which allows you to adjust the wattage called the Reactive Attenuator. It's not exactly revolutionary technology, but it sure comes in handy when you want to hook up the compatible V212C cabinet. At full volume, the response and interaction between head and cabinet is at its best, but this function allows for optimal output signal at lower volumes, so you can still hear the subtle nuances in your sound.

Dressed to impress

VOX has always managed to combine great sound with great looks, which is the case yet again with the extremely classy AC4C1-12, AC10C1 and AC15C1 amps. They all have a cream-coloured Tan Bronco Tolex vinyl finish which enhances the classy, vintage feel of these three tube amps. If you want to get your hands on one, however, you'll need to be quick! These amps are available in a limited number.

For more information about various combos, heads and cabinets, please see the relevant product pages.

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