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NAMM 2016: Roland JC-01 Jazz Chorus Bluetooth Speaker

The letters JC in Roland's JC-01 have almost magical properties. They stand for Jazz Chorus, and have the power to make guitarists' eyes sparkle. No wonder Roland made the legendary series of Jazz Chorus amps - a favourite among guitar players since 1975 - the main inspiration for their new Bluetooth speaker.

A tabletop Jazz Chorus speaker

Whether you play the guitar or not, a stylish speaker like this will definitely look good on your desk, table or shelf. Like a real JC combo, it has a built-in equalizer (treble, middle, bass), so you can fine-tune the sound of your favourite music. Connecting an audio source is easy; either opt for the mini jack input, or set up a Bluetooth link. Pair the JC-01 with your mobile phone, and you'll even be able to answer incoming calls using the speaker and the built-in microphone.

This Roland Bluetooth speaker may be a real stunner, but that doesn't mean it's all about looks. Equipped with two 2" speakers, the JC-01 is ready to rock your world straight from your desktop.

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