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NAMM 2016: Roland's Compact FP-30 Digital Piano

Just in time for NAMM, Roland has managed to fit all its indisputably good piano sounds into a light, compact package. The new FP-30 digital piano (see also the white FP-30) possesses not only a full-size keyboard that feels 100% authentic, it also has a number of handy functions.


Compact housing

For those who live in a small apartment, like a minimal decor, or wants a piano that is somewhat mobile, Roland offers the FP-30. The dimensions of this electric piano have been kept to a minimum, and yet it features a PHA-4 standard keyboard with hammer-like action that can even simulate the escapement mechanism of a grand piano.


Two built-in 11-watt speakers of 12 cm in diameter each work together with the SuperNATURAL sound source to deliver a natural piano sound. Also, various effects help the process by imitating the properties of a real piano in the most minute detail, like String Resonance and Damper Resonance, which emulate the vibrating sound of unattenuated strings. Besides six piano sounds, there are also electric pianos and a set of other virtual instruments at your disposal.

Bluetooth and accessories

The Bluetooth functionality of this product show Roland is on the cutting-edge of wireless technology. This feature makes it easy to connect this piano to music apps like Garageband, as well as digital sheet music apps like piaScore and Sheet Music Direct. If you purchase the separately available KPD-70 three-pedal unit along with the FP-30, you can even turn the pages of your digital sheet music without lifting your fingers from the keyboard. Incidentally, this pedal can be mounted to the KSC-70 keyboard stand, which is also available separately.

USB and other features

Common features you'd find on most digital pianos are also found on the FP-30, including a USB-MIDI connector, two headphone outputs, dual/split/twin keyboard modes and a sheet music stand. For unlimited data storage or playing along with MIDI and WAV files, you can plug in a USB stick. To keep time, you can use one of the eight integrated percussive rhythms instead of a metronome. Lastly, the FP-30 comes with a sustain pedal.

Keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date information on delivery times and pricing.

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