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NAMM 2016: Roland System-500 Complete Set

Two months ago, we already told you about the Roland System-500 modules. If your interest was piqued, but you thought building your own setup would be too much of a hassle, we have some great news for you: Roland now offers the Roland System-500 Complete Set, which comes pre-built and ready to go!

A complete set of synthesizer modules

In this configuration, you'll find every single module that was introduced two months ago. To start off, there's the SYS-512 VCO module, which consists of two analogue oscillators, including PWM and sync. For additional colouring you get the SYS-521 VCF filter module with two dynamic low-pass filters and two static high-pass filters. As you now have two oscillators and two filters at your disposal, naturally you'll also need two VCAs; cue the SYS-530 VCA module to make your signal heard. Envelopes and LFO signals really breathe life into your sound, so fortunately the SYS-540 envelope LFO module (another dual module) is also included. Finally, the SYS-572 module will help you add some final touches by means of phase shifting, delay and an extra LFO.


To house the System-500 modules, Roland has developed their own Eurorack case, the SYR-E84. It comes with a power cable and a 4HP panel to cover the space that's left in the rack, as well as ten indispensable patch cables. Keep in mind that the System-500's CV connectors allow you to connect it to other Eurorack modules, such as those issued by Moog, Dave Smith and Waldorf. Naturally, the System-500 is compatible with Roland's previously released Eurorack effect modules as well: the Bitrazer, the Demora, the Scooper and the Torcido. Of course you can also connect several System-500 sets and have them work together. As long as you have a sufficient amount of mini jack patch cables at the ready, you can basically do whatever you want!

Has your mouth started watering yet? Wait until you hear this modular synthesizer set's warm sound! If you're a sound designer who loves hands-on control, this heavyweight is sure to float your boat.

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