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NAMM 2016: Six New Fender American Specials

Any Fender guitar worth its salt should be available in a sunburst finish, of course. That's why the famous manufacturer released new versions of the American Special Stratocaster and Telecaster guitars in both two and three-tone sunburst finishes. In total, there are six new Specials that we'd like to shine a light on.

Back with a vengeance

For a little while there, Fender actually considered saying goodbye to the American Special series. Luckily they saw reason, and with these six new models the series is stronger than ever. First there is the Stratocaster in 2-Tone Sunburst, which will be available in two versions: one with a rosewood fretboard, and one with a maple fretboard. Then there is the 3-Tone Telecaster, also in rosewood and maple versions. Where the Strat has a white pickguard, however, the Tele has a more sombre black one.

Fender American Special HSS 3-Tone Sunburst: finishing touches

The remaining two models are the two versions of the Stratocaster HSS in 3-tone Sunburst. Obviously there are equipped with a humbucker at the bridge, to give them a bit more raw power. To emphasise that increase in brawn, they've also fitted these guitars with a black pickguard. Combined with the rosewood fretboard, that gives you a guitar that looks just like the one Stevie Ray Vaughan used. If that's not your cup of tea, however, there's always the maple fretboard version. In any case, with an American Special you can be sure that you're getting a proper Fender guitar without having to break the bank.

For more information on the various models, check out the relevant product pages. Be sure to check out our special NAMM overview page for more NAMM news!

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