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NAMM 2016: Squier and The Cribs Reveal New Models!

The Jarman brothers from The Cribs like a bit of experimentation. Of course, their brand new Squier Ryan Jarman and Squier Gary Jarman signature models represent that style in both their look and their sound.

Melting pot of styles

Both models are best described as a melting pot of different design elements. Both Ryan and Gary are big Fender fans, and they chose parts of their favourite guitars to make up their entirely new models. The Ryan Jarman Signature, for instance, is a Mustang/Jaguar hybrid. It's got a humbucker with quite a bit of output, as wella s a single-coil to allow for that famous warm sparkle. Combined with the elaborate tone controls, the kill switch and the vibrato tailpiece, this striking guitar is highly versatile.

Comfortable instruments

Along with his brother, Gary spends a lot of time on stage. As such, having an instrument that's ergonomic and comfortable to play is quite important. That's why the Gary Jarman Signature bass guitar features a slender, rounded body in a classy Ocean Turquoise finish. As for its sound, the P Bass split-coil pickup allows for plenty of punch, while the brass saddles in the HiMass bridge allow for extra sustain and a rich tone. Just like the Ryan Jarman Signature guitar, this bass has a shorter scale length, meaning both these Squiers are easy to play.


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