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NAMM 2016: Take the Next Step with Denon Professional

During NAMM, there are plenty of great brands showcasing their wares, and one brand we like to keep our eye on is Denon Professional. This year, we're happy to announce they have new products to present: the Envoi Gom, which is the improved version of the successful Envoi, and the DN-300C, a device that fits perfectly in Denon Professiona's line of top-notch media players.



Envoi Go

As we said before, the Envoi Go is the new version of the Envoi battery-powered speaker. While the original Envoi consisted of a single speaker with everything built in, the Envoi Go consists of three parts that have been merged into a complete package. If you think this little set can't possibly deliver much power, just wait to have your mind blown. The Envoi Go can deliver a maximum capacity of 300 watts via a specially-designed 3-way system in the speakers. Furthermore, the Envoi Go can be powered by either an adapter or a battery, just like its predecessor. On a fully-charged battery, it offers 5 consecutive hours of playing time, which is more than enough for most gigs.

To give your performance a little something extra, the Envoi Go is the way to go, as it includes a built-in digital effects module with 16 different effects that you're free to use on all channels. Still not enough for you? Hook up an external effects device via the send/return and you'll be all set to give a truly unforgettable performance!


Denon Professional's DN-300C fills a gap in the market by offering a durable, professional CD and media player that is easy to operate and doesn't have a lot of unnecessary whistles and bells. That doesn't make it any less comprehensive, however, as the DN-300C delivers top-quality audio and boasts a few extra features as well. With the bush of a button, you can see the time, and you can also lock the player so unauthorised guests can't mess with your playlist. This function is particularly handy in pubs and cafés. Additionally, the DN-300C is equipped with quick search buttons and of course the randomise and power-on-play functions.

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