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NAMM 2016: Tama Presents New S.L.P. Snare Drums

Tama is also making an appearance at NAMM 2016, and will be presenting a couple of great new snare drums. Their Sound Lab Project series is being expanded with 3 new models, and they'll also be unveiling the successor to the Metalworks snare drums: the Soundworks series!

Three SLPs

Each of Tama's SLP snare drums is a unique instrument with a sound that is all its own. According to Tama, they're designed for drummers who've reached the point where they're looking for their very own sound. As that choice is quite personal, we're glad to report that another three options have been added to the SLP roster. First off, there's the Vintage Poplar Maple, a 14 x 5.5" snare drum with a maple and poplar shell. Due to its modest 8 lugs, the shell gets all the room it needs to resonate and create a warm, rounded sound. Second, there's the G-Walnut. This 14 x 6.5" model features a 10-ply walnut shell, and offers a warm and powerful sound that's great for heavier playing. The third snare drum, the Vintage Hammered Steel model, is a true all rounder. With a 1.2mm steel shell that was hammered to allow the sound to be move asymmetrically throughout the inside of the shell, it offers a more complex and richer sound that most other steel snare drums.

New series

As we mentioned before, Tama also announced the successor to their Metalworks line, and it's called the Soundworks series. Contrary to its predecessor, this series offers both steel snare drums and wooden ones. They chose two wood types that offer a warm sound, maple and kapur. There will be 6 Soundworks models available, two of each shell-type, with one being a regular main snare drum and the other a side snare type. The maple snare drums are a 14 x 6.5" snare drum and a 12 x 5.5" side snare. For the kapur snares, we're getting a 14 x 6" snare drum and a 13 x 7" side snare. Finally, the steel snare drums come in a 14 x 6.5" main snare model and a 10 x 5.5" side snare model.

As you can see, those in search of a great snare drum have plenty to choose from! Be sure to keep an eye on the relevant product pages for up-to-date info on prices and delivery times.

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